Hello again internet friends (and its the end of 2013)

Hello people of the internet.


I am here to say that I am very sorry for being away for such a long time.


The thing is… my 3D (real) life got very busy.

I think, In order the following things happened:

  • got fired from  my customer service job
  • had a crazy busy prac assignment (by the way I was studying to be an esl teacher)
  • got a job being a substitute esl teacher
  • got a second temporary but fulltime job being an esl teacher
  • had some international job applications, failed or stuffed up most of them… but still kept going
  • started to deal with moving out, bills, moving truck and going back to my parents place… wow, I am such an adult.
  • kept working, some of it full time, some of it not
  • managed to finish my study… I was really freaking out and feeling like it just wasn’t possible.
  • GRADUATED AND HAD A CEREMONY… I now have my first post grad certificate.
  • also, survived another family Christmas without too much fuss.

SO HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO ALL OF YOU, I HOPE YOU ARE ENJOYING YOUR WINTER OR SUMMER, AND YOU HAVE A WONDERFUL NEW YEARS. I am having a spectacular time, drinking cider, eating pizza and watching bad syfy shows on my computer.


Hopefully their will be big things to come in 2014… I will have to move home for a month or two, but I should have a job working overseas… so this might become a blog about life in Indonesia, or South Korea… or somewhere equally exciting.

I still have several more ideas from 2013 that I need to put into this blog. I am saving some info from my doctor that I want to write about, and I have a great idea ‘top 5 movies to watch when you are depressed or very very numb.’ …because I am a bit of an expert on escaping through the medium of the silver screen.

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Anxiety super hero?

Anxiety super hero?

I stole this picture from here: http://theascentblog.com/the-anxiety-lens/

It’s a nice picture.

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On Tuesday I ha…

On Tuesday I had a new job interview, I was so pent up with nerves that I decided to release by “controlling a situation” and cancelling the next two appointments with my psychologist.

I know, not the best idea, but its what I did. If anybody has any handy tips or hints on things I could have done, or should have done, then please comment.

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Pride is like thanksgiving for gay people!


It’s Friday night and I am at home and watching Julie/Julia on TV. I am feeling strangely motivated by watching Amy Adam’s fake blogging. AND guess what! tomorrow is pride day!!!!

I am so very excited. I bought a t shirt from the internet (6 months ago) and I got my hair cut (these guys are my favourite and they have been doing my hair for years. I am often the only girl in the shop.) I am normally very bad at dealing with crowds and navigating them without ‘doing the wrong thing’ or ‘getting in the way.’ I put it in “” marks because I am probably not doing those things, even if I am very worried.

Anyway, I am ready for it. I am ready for pride, the rainbows, crowds, fun and love!


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Advice from a friend (the short version)

This is the third post in a series… Basically its a series of ongoing ‘advice from other people about getting menatl health help.’

First: Advice from a doctor

Second: Advice from a friend

and now… That same friend wanted to give some more concise advice (since she is so good at writting essays and she got a bit worried that people wouldn’t read to the bottom.)

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Advice from a friend (who has been there and done that)

About two weeks ago I wrote a blog post adressing the world famous phycologist question: what do you want to get out of therapy?

Well, the truth is I didn’t know, but I asked a doctor. This post seemed to be very popular, so now I have a follow up.

The question itself is very hard, its anxiety provocing. You feel like the ultimate idiot if you don’t have an answer, but we can also see that this question comes from a good place. The doctor just wants to figure out the best way to help you. My friend L, who has spent some time with doctors, came up with some of her own advice and thoughts on the topic:

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Dancing – wallflower styles

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